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tv   [untitled]    December 16, 2011 3:00pm-3:30pm EST

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you're watching r t and tonight a global link up for almost twenty years brushes accepted into the ranks of the world trade organization. says the growth in the benefits along with the difficulties more details from geneva up in just a moment. also truth teller or trade a u.s. army private accused of passing military secrets to the whistleblower website wiki leaks appears in court for a pretrial hearing. and a trial in absentia iran's supreme leader is the mother country's top brass blamed now by a u.s. court for helping the nine eleven terrorists.
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live from moscow you're watching r t war welcome to you it's midnight here now my name is kevin and first this hour nearly two decades of talks have finally come to fruition as russia is accepted into the world trade organization it's said to strengthen the country's global ties and provide a big incentive for business to however membership of the club also comes hand in hand with tough competition as artie's deal bushell explains. russia completes its eighteen year old a c to join the world trade body no other country has taken so long to weigh into president medvedev of russia has criticized the hurdles placed in russia's path towards joining he's accuse the european union and united states in particular of illegal subsidies to their farmers and car makers know the pulse of industry in an attempt to stop competition from other countries. by consensus that means any
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single state can block can block decisions a major complaints have come from georgia which has slowed up the procedure up of the russian delegation here is looking at the positives some states have benefited enormously from membership china's exports for example of skyrocketed to the west since the great joy in ten years ago but others have found it hard to cope with the foreign competition that comes it is a transition phase russia gets several years around seven on average which to lower its import tariffs which makes it easier for foreign companies to export their products to russia but they will also be opportunities russia's does have quite a low cost base which means that russian producers can produce relatively cheap cheap lee compared to other countries and that should allow it you opportunities to export now the chief trade negotiator here for the w t o from russia side is makes them a he says that they parliaments of russia does still need to ratify this agreement and he expects that to happen early next year. is
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a talk voices both for and against shown in the w t o been heard in russia marty's briffa national web to find out who the winners and indeed the loses will be once all the membership documents signed up to in geneva. today caves of. it's still not clear exactly who. membership is offering the country and we've now used to live in still firmly behind. experience and have to try a little crystal ball gazing at. the predictions begin with agriculture one of the next. vulnerable areas it who probably would be the most seriously affected to enter the w t o russia had to pledge to reduce in-state support to farming we've already travelled to hundred and fifty kilometers away from moscow and what we see here is a sad picture goes through it is like this one us road all across russia and with a struggle in agriculture industry there are no worries only crazing thirty percent
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of the countries are well and are currently not in use and the raw fear is that cut of foreign subsidies like sessional grain will only make things dramatically worse for russia there will hardly be starving blowin puts taxes will help fill the gap with foreign goods for customers between spigot choice and lawyer prices while local producers may suffer for it russia is currently importing forty five percent of all food products and may soon become fifty to seventy percent local producers will be unable to compete world out of it meanwhile those competitive enough will stay afloat and benefit alexander and his family run a small business just outside moscow there one hundred twenty goats give enough milk to produce kilos of high quality cheese a day but back in the crystal ball the future doesn't look bright for wrong the car industry is another risky area with an open market this as soviet era facility
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is going to have to go head to hand with the latest technology to mystic copper users have been on the menu start to w t o critics say russia's making history will be unable to meet the crazed competition exception of attract offering a gloomy prediction that once the country's in bad lines will stop factories will shut and thousands of people will be left out of work and out of la however the predictions continue to glow with foreign investments said to be real. it's rockit the cumulative gains we believe or roughly three point three percent of russian g.d.p. in the early years after accession. more like ten years we think russia would gain about eleven percent of g.d.p. but apart from economic achievements the country's political image should benefit and maybe what's more important russia will no longer be an outsider but
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a part of the prestigious client not being part of the global body would have the past be a little strange russia has been the biggest economy not to be integrated into the w t o but after an eighteen year marathon of negotiations all the world's key players finally come together under the same umbrella. group an option r t moscow. he's a hero to some he's a traitor to others bradley manning the u.s. army private accused the siphoning military secrets off the wiki leaks has appeared at a pretrial hearing an army base in maryland among the documents manning allegedly leaked was footage showing u.s. soldiers killing civilians in iraq the charges he's facing could carry the death penalty out easily as well reports. it was this video of u.s. army pilots in iraq eagerly firing shots at innocent people on the ground and
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hundreds of thousands of secret military documents and cables leaked to wiki leaks there have been some criminal acts committed by u.s. government employees and those employees have never been held accountable for them all this made public over a year and a half ago by bradley manning army private turned whistleblower and the past eighteen months that bradley manning has been behind bars he's become somewhat of a symbol to his supporters who represents the extreme secrecy and lack of transparency within the u.s. government the documents that he helped to make public reveal that the u.s. has some dark secrets it shows that in my opinion in the last decade there's been no real. lessening of the standards of diplomatic reporting and in our military the the real disregard for life of torture of assassinations of mass executions have become more of the norm really. and for bringing all this to
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light he's regarded by many as a hero he has impacted governments around the world he's lifted the veil of the us empire to show us what we really are basically i got a military because of bradley manning michael patterson is an iraq war veteran he says seeing this video changed his life from the wiki leaks stuff started coming out and that's when i kind of hit that more that wall and basically i decided i was going to do something more but today manning is paying the price he's been locked up behind bars as a maximum custody detainees subject to solitary confinement and forced nudity which some argue are forms of torture he was being treated as if he had already been convicted and the punished what was going to be a very brutal punishment he. now charged with aiding the enemy his critics say you put american lives in jeopardy just because you don't like the country's foreign policy doesn't mean you can out it to the planet that doesn't make you
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a truth teller that makes you a tree a traitor and as manning finally gets his day in court his supporters say the only thing he's guilty of is telling the truth you awoke a lot of people up to the actual realities of this world and he deserves a medal if the truth is actually undermining our national security but there's something wrong with the truth. in washington liz wahl r.t. . joe i heard him as an antiwar activist and also an iraq war a marine corps veteran who's joining us on the line from california general good to see you now i guess when you signed up to proudly serve your country given the very best you knew what you were heading into you fought in iraq you know the score there first can you personally see the reasoning behind manning's alleged actions of could you have seen it then when you signed up i guess the crucial question is what you think differently about it now. yes definitely my mind has changed when going to war or there and can't open my eyes so i'm actually on our military is
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conducting its. war in iraq only it wasn't you know this this will this will thing we're somehow bringing peace to the iraqis by killing every single one of them is is inherently flawed i mean you don't need to we have a degree in anything to kind of figure out that it's illogical so you're totally convinced of that manning was in the right to do what he did yeah yeah of course i mean you know for for exposing the many lives our foreign policy america's foreign policy that. he is locked up in prison one year in solitary confinement where you know there's an article that was written by charles the that was on i'll just zero and he rightly pointed out that there are other people out there who actually committed crimes who killed other people who are. vile things.
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and they're free to go you know the truth is in the trees and in our lives did you personally witness yourself any any crimes of this of the sort that he's testifying to passing on the details about iran that say ok supporters of my campaigning for his release but with president obama already having said that money was guilty do you still think he could be freed what's your thoughts on. yes law professor of bomber basically you know as commander in chief and basically tarnished any sort of. defense and in the end and sort of. the sense that a man could come up with when the president says you're guilty even before your trial now the president has convicted. bradley manning convicted this young man
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you know inventing he's the one bradley manning should be who is more deserving of a middle east prize do a lot of things in war for good or for bad for the greater cause wherever they go in a war for we heard. reported earlier on and opinion so that even if you don't like the country foreign policy. you should still not ever make it public if you signed up now can you see any side to that argument at all not course not of course not if your if your country is is doing something that it's immoral unlawful illegal you know all these actions are in fact harming of this country's national security you know you don't need you don't go around the world doing illegal things immoral things and thinking that it's not going to cause some sort of reaction in fact the u.s. foreign policy for the past few decades has been has been. not beneficial
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to the united states in fact arms or national security but we know when we look around him and this was a very very american each protecting every single one when you signed up i'm just asking you sort of motives behind it when you signed up do you think you were at all that naive you didn't think any of this was going on there allegedly beyond the sings of course i was there i was a proud new car when they joined. you know. i believe that lives i believe the lies they're there i keep or you know or are and me and him take me long to realize how much of a lie that was do you think any of the people that are accused of allegedly committing war crimes in iraq and afghanistan will ever stand trial now of course not see the thing is though if you if you if you do things there are basically in line with all u.s. foreign policy you will not see any sort of justice there will be no justice but if
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you challenge the powers that be if you challenge this machinery that there she would been seen with bradley manning you know the heavy hand of the american government will just slam down thanks ever so much to sort of take the time to be with us and our to international jazz and to our activists the right war veteran joining us on the line from california thank you. meantime running parallel to this kind of founder of wiki leaks has scored a point in his ongoing legal battle with the british government the supreme court in london is agreed to hear julian assange his appeal against extradition britain wants to send the saudis to sweden to face questioning over rape allegations made by two swedish women a he did not is any wrongdoing but to lower courts have previously ruled against him for the supreme court to agree to hear is appeal or sound as lawyers have to persuade two judges that is skates raised the question of general public importance the appeals now considered in february science claims the case against him is politically motivated live for years extradited he won't receive
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a fair trial. this is r.t. still ahead for you this hour a demand for dialogue while moscow resolution on syria to the u.n. condemning both sides for violence we look at who might want to simmering civil war in the country plus find out why independent celebrations in a town in kazakhstan turned violent yesterday with at least ten people dead we got the latest from the scene for you. a u.s. court has won a default judgment that a radian officials including its supreme leader ayatollah khamenei have provided help to the nine eleven hijackers behind the worst terror attack on american soil the lawsuit was filed by the families of the atrocities victims there was no iranian representation in the court let's talk about this with general abdul from the national reigning american council representing the iranian community in the united states thank you for taking the time to be with us so how valid do you think
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this court ruling is. look i don't see any evidence that is particularly compelling that iran had a direct role in nine eleven i think this is actually this is really scary that we're going down this pathway in which you know ten years after the september eleventh attacks ten years after we first afghanistan and then iraq. fingered for those attacks and then invaded by the united states that we're now hearing the same type of rhetoric about iran. like i said everything that i've seen has been very tenuous there's allegations that. the travel of some of the hijackers was facilitated through iran i don't see a direct role at all so you're suspicious of the tommy of course. the western countries are also ratcheting up the pressure as well against iran sanctions eccentrics said over those claims about the father runs suspected of developing nuclear weapons you think there's some sort of kind of tie in the with the timing
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it. that we have seen. washington there's been a campaign in new york to link iran very publicly to nine eleven on the anniversary of those attacks earlier this year there was a billboard campaign in times square with god's face and something along the lines of you know the silent partner of al qaeda. there's clearly a campaign right now to try to ratchet up the pressure for yet another u.s. attack on a middle eastern country and i just think this is so dangerous and if you go back to when those attacks happened immediately afterward iran condemned the attacks there were there were candlelight vigils on the streets of takraw and in solidarity with the americans who lost their lives. cooperating with the united states in helping topple the taliban who. is the enemy of iran as was osama bin laden
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what we're seeing now is this strange self-fulfilling prophecy process and i'm worried that this is exactly what we saw with iraq this is this is a campaign to go to war this ruling was reached you know the iranian side didn't appear in court i guess it was scott and i expected to run supreme leader to come to him and caught no. well yeah i don't i don't expect the supreme leader to be traveling anywhere because he's frankly pretty close. in iran but i do know that you know first of all the victims of terrorism do deserve the right for justice so to say that they aren't they shouldn't pursue justice i don't think that that's right and we also do know that iran has been represented in similar cases before related to attacks that have been committed by hamas and hezbollah so there is a precedent for this this type of thing this ruling also said the. leadership.
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upset aside their mutual hostility against the u.s. how likely is scenario is that. well i don't i don't find it particularly likely. before nine eleven but you know i will say that given what has happened in the middle east since those attacks with the war in iraq with the war in afghanistan you have natural enemies like iran who had a real interest in seeing a stable afghanistan. and had an interest in seeing a stable iraq finds themselves now with an interest in. not opposing groups that they would otherwise be opposed to like the like the taliban so like i said this is a self-fulfilling prophecy it's very dangerous. from the national radio american
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council thank you. the battle for the future of internet continues with the u.s. congress debating amendments to the stop online privacy act or sopa the legislation aims to slash the amount of pirated online content but some of the original engineers of the internet have strongly criticized the bill saying it would create an environment of fear and hamper innovation as well to aaron swartz he's a web programmer and net activist who thinks it could end up with a web falling into government hands. the government doesn't just take down the infringing material it takes on the site entirely and it does it without even a trial the find out whether it's illegal or not and as you know copyright laws are extremely complicated there are lots of things that look like copyright infringement that turn out to be licensed in one way or another part of this is a larger crackdown on freedom of speech there's pretty much no other law that would give the government the power to censor the internet they wouldn't be laughed out of congress you know if you said the government needed to censor the internet to protect national security it would be widely seen in america is totally
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unacceptable and beyond the pale but by using copyright as a wedge issue suddenly we're able to put this power in the hands of the government and then once they have it it can be expanded and expanded to deal with a whole range of other things one of the interesting provisions in this law is it doesn't just set down websites it also increases the penalties for people caught in gauging and copyright infringement so for example if you make a video on you tube of yourself singing and copyrighted song this bill would increase the penalty to that to ten years in jail so there's all sorts of people who do these things that would just be considered part of natural life as a teenager that now are facing huge felony charges as a result of this law. a few stories you might want to read online from us tonight out c dot com pakistan in the u.s. go tit for tat following that deadly strike with some experts saying it's love about could start openly defying u.s. policy in the region if you read up more about who got the latest for you also we discover the fate of the russian aid convoy has been halted for days at a troubled checkpoint between costs of against its own mind and r t talk.
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to the u.n. security council is pouring over the details of a new draft resolution on syria that's been put forward by russia condemns all sides in the ongoing conflict calling for violence to stop but there's no mention of sanctions moscow has been trying to mediate a peaceful solution for months now but there's been little letup in the violence. at least six people died on friday when security forces reportedly opened fire on demonstrate. it is known earlier on in the week over two dozen state security officers were killed in fighting with defectors the free syrian army now claims to have more than twenty five thousand troops in its ranks fighting to bring the president to sad western states those still don't acknowledge it and the regime protestors are armed as opposed to asia times correspondent pepe escobar told me there is plenty of evidence that that is actually happening or that the weapons are coming from abroad. what's interesting is what the u.s. and nato countries go sit there and accept an acceptable is that the syrian
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government cannot fight an armed insurgency in their own territory the free syrian army they're getting weapons smuggled from the middle east to the borders in turkey any in jordan as well this has been already proved then about the u.n. figures about a lot of people are seriously question now they'd be lies numbers if she's saying that five thousand people were killed over these past few months it makes like almost zero in a hundred that the effect so there is the fog of three war is already there so the russian move is an intelligent move because it's a preemptive i would say resolution it condemns both sides and asks for a u.n. peacekeeping mission in fact to solve the problem there are tanks inside homs and hama for instance that this ng is we still don't know the rule of snipers that we see of even if people i talk to in homes they tell me look we don't know if
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the snipers come from de could be government but they could be open for tunis and they could be mercenaries trying to incite civil war any fact most of the civilian killings are by these snipers and they even shot children so what they want and what nato wants is simmering civil war let's put it this way as a friend you for something much tougher had probably after the american elections in one year. pepe escobar to the clashes have broken out between police and demonstrators in an alternate west and cause it started prosecutors say at least ten people were killed and some injured including police officers whose got the latest for r.t. . the trouble seemed to start a head of preparations for the country's independence day celebrations kazakhstan left the soviet union twenty years ago today
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a crowd had gathered in the central square where a stage of being set up but this crowd contained a lot of people would have been there for a long time since the summer in fact a crowd of oil workers striking and protesting when hundreds of their number were fired from a an oil company then for demanding higher wages police moved in to try and clear the central square and then what happened has been debated witnesses and protesters say that the police opened fire on the crowd the police say that the crowd attacked them and that they were forced to respond by opening fire buildings were set on fire including the mayor's office and a hotel in the central square the prosecutor general of the country says that the trouble was caused by criminal actions as he puts it and that there will be an investigation launched to find those responsible. around the world in brief and confirm reports claim at least two activists have been killed in clashes with the
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gyptian police outside the cabinet building in cairo demonstrators torched cars and threw firebombs at officers who fired gunshots into the air to disperse them the country is currently holding a long running election process to try to replace the military rulers have been in place since president mubarak was ousted in february news from japan where the prime minister's declared the earthquake stricken nuclear plant fukushima to be stable the power stations been put into what they're calling cold shutdown that means only minimal radiation is now leaking from the site it's seen as a major milestone towards making the air. completely safe after that quake and tsunami that devastated the facility nine months ago. italy's parliament approved crucial sturdy measures to save the nation's crippled economy but the cuts that were met with fury in the public sector with widespread transport stroy is causing havoc across the country the thirty two billion dollars package expected to be passed by the senate in the next couple of days critics say the cuts are unfair and will impact on the poorest in society. the international criminal court says there
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are serious suspicions that the killing of colonel gadhafi was a war crime the i.c.c. initially believed the libyan leader died in crossfire but it's now putting pressure on libya to investigate the circumstances of his death khadafi was killed in october after being captured by rebels close to his hometown of sirte. russian authorities of falls an attempt to use passenger luggage to smuggle radioactive material into iran on friday that one of moscow's international airport. has gone off reports this was a flying from moscow to there around france are immutable airborne and you mortgage was going to be regular security one of the banks triggered the alarm and one of the bodies check to be found eight teams do canisters containing the radioactive material and gauges showed that feeling levels of radioactivity exceeded the norm
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by twenty times and a further inspection showed but this is is it's old saw him twenty two which could only be produced at a nuclear reactor according to some of your steel luggage belongs to marine citizen but this information is yet to be confirmed officially at the moment the goalie's holding a criminal investigation. twelve minutes past midnight here in moscow in a few minutes as our programs continue we discover one of russia's oldest inhabited areas for kevin i'll be back with a recap of our top stories on r.t. from moscow.
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